Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Taking Stock: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Wow, its been three months!
Life is so busy but I miss blogging. I particularly miss crafty blogging and reading crafty blogs. I've also been involved in some awesome swaps and I feel dreadful I haven't shared about them. So I'm going to make a huge effort to rectify it.

But first.. I found this great blog recently.. through an IG post of a scarf. Bec, at Handmade & Home regularly writes 'Taking Stock' posts and invites her readers to join in (Ive since seen it on a few other blogs too!)

So here's what happening around here....

Making: a bunch of stuff.. a cowl, a scarf, wrist warmers, a second sock, a cushion for my girl...

Cooking: a special 13 year old a whimsical birthday cake

Reading: Library books to inspire my gardening
Wanting: to simplify - everything!
Looking: at my new (to me) spinning wheel
Playing: with lots of yarn in all shapes and forms
Deciding: what colour to dye some yarn
Wishing: I hadn't had to have my tooth extracted :(
Enjoying: hot bubble baths
Waiting: for some roving to arrive so I can do some more spinning
Wondering: what direction to take for my future career
Loving: Handspun yarn
Pondering: that I am the Mum of a beautiful, creative, loving 13 year old
Considering: whether to follow my passion or my head
Watching: Spinning wheel tutorials online
Hoping: My new Doctor will change my life... or at least help me get a life (lol)
Needing: a holiday at the beach
Smelling: Freshly cut apple (being eaten by my daughter)
Wearing:work clothes
Following: Handmade and Home (which is where this great list came from)
Noticing: how much happier I am when the lounge is free of loom bands, hama beads, drawing and other holiday crafts 
Knowing: hard times are good preparation for the future
Thinking: its time to do some crafting for me
Feeling: tired. bone aching tired.
Admiring: my kids
Sorting: the kids wardrobes
Buying:as little as possible
Bookmarking: Too many projects
Disliking: computer problems!
Opening: exciting Snail mail!
Giggling:  at a silly little clip I made about my lonely sock... but it wont load up on here so go find me on IG if you want to see it! I'm leoniekiwi

Snacking: on meat. Yup. I need LOADS more protein so its meat, meat, fish, meat.
Hearing:the heater warming up the house

I'll be back!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Swap 2014

I recently signed up for an Easter Swap and was very excited to be partnered with one of my most favourite friends, Tracy from The Scrap Heap.

Also a huge bonus was that we got to do our swap in person over the weekend.

Tracy made me this FABULOUS Easter bunting!

Ignore the hideous wallpaper (its on its way out the door!)

And this beautiful basket in the colours I Love!!!

And tucked in the basket are these cute decoupaged eggs and a gorgeous little bunny.
She also gave me lots of yummy food treats.. but most of them have gone ;)

We agreed that our great minds think alike because I also made Tracy some bunting

again, on the grotty wallpaper! 

AND I also made her a basket!
and I filled it with carrots from this tutorial here, because Tracy LOVES orange!

I had fun making these little egg cozies for Tracy's children
Thanks Tracy for a great swap!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Swap interest?

Hey there!
I'm a huge fan of bunting, in fact over the last five years I've made a new one for every party we've had.. and then there's Christmas... Valentines.. yeah - lots of bunting!
A few years ago I took part in a bunting swap, and I really enjoyed it. Because one can never have too much bunting I wondered if anyone interested in participating in a bunting swap???

I am keen to run one but just want to see how much interest there is.

Leave me a comment and also let me know if you'd be keen to do an international one or antipodean (australia/new zealand)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

DIY Blackboard paint pot plants

You know how I said I was addicted to using blackboard spray paint? yeah, well. I totally am!

It was my Mum's birthday and we grabbed some large cans of tomatoes, froze the contents, spray painted the cans...

Added some words using a chalk paint pen
 Drilled some holes in the bottom for drainage
Added some pretty flowers
And she loved her present

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DIY Spice Jars

We use loads of different herbs and spices in our cooking and I have been searching for the perfect spice jars (to no avail).

I decide instead that baby food jars would do the trick and my kids didn't need to be persuaded to gobble up the contents.

I then soaked off the labels, spray painted the lids with blackboard paint (my new favourite pastime) and wrote on them with a chalk paint pen.

these are the first ones, I am purchasing a few baby foods each shop until we have enough (crikey that stuff is expensive now!)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Scrap Bag Swap : Scrappy Rope coasters

I joined in Nins fabulous Scrap Bag swap again this year and received a fabulous bag of scraps from Megan! Thanks Megan

Just before Christmas I got a little bit addicted to making rope baskets from this tutorial. I made a few plain rope baskets and then really wanted some colourful ones so I started wrapping strips of fabric around the rope and these were created.

Today I'm going to show you how I did it so you can make some coasters!

Scrappy Rope coasters
You will need:
Fabric scraps
cotton rope 
sewing machine

I've been collecting scraps in this plastic bucket (classy) for several years and keep it nearby in my sewing room to pop those precious leftovers in.
Take some scraps of fabric and tear them into strips about a centimeter wide.

Wrap your first strip around the cotton rope
Twist it into a little 'snail' and start sewing (with a wide zig zag stitch)
Continue twisting it around itself
Add in new pieces of scrap fabric strips as you need to

Ta da! One scrappy rope coaster!
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Loving Swaps on Valentines Day

I have been taking part in lots of awesome swaps lately!

I took part in two Valentines swaps organised by Tracy and Tracy!!

For Tracy's Send a little love swap I had Tracy herself as my swap partner!

Look at the amazing goodies she sent me - I was blown away.

and this beautiful PERFECT for me bunting!
Thanks so much Tracy, I love it all and I feel so very spoiled!!

I also received a lovely package of goodies for the Valentines swap organised by my lovely real life friend Tracy.. although I don't know who my swap partner is!!!

 So thank you, whoever you are!! You totally nailed it for me!!

and these are the parcels I sent
a cross stitched heart on canvas, crochet flower bunting and Whittakers
and this one
some little handmade cards, heart bunting, a little dish, some washi tape and some heart lollies in a kete.